Dyslexia Rules London

Bio: hello, neurodiverse world! Thought it was time to celebrate diversity - being different brings its own challenges but also an often creative and wonderful way of looking at things and living in this world. So, let's not minimise the difficulties (whilst finding ways forward), but here i want to also explore the myriad strengths, achievements and uniqueness that being non-typical can often bring. ...and yes, I'm dyslexic, dyspraxic, neurodiverse and run a suite of courses at LondonMet - including a specialist dyslexia tutoring course (for those working with adult learners) and so walk the walk, as well as (inevitably) talking that talk... We have organised the first-ever international Festival of Dyslexic Culture in November 2014 - held here at London Metropolitan University, England - a local and global event. Followed this October by a much larger two-day Festival which was truly neurodivergent. (The website shows some of the many activities, http://www.festival-of-dyslexic-culture.org.uk) I hope you may wish to get involved with the 2016 Festival - in a variety of creative ways (more later...) If you have anything you would like me to post, ideas, resources, a link or recommendations do let me know ...and why 'dyslexia' and not 'neurodiversity'? well, its a hard call: - my instincts shout loudly for always using the term 'neurodiversity' for many reasons, - not least because it is more accurate and inclusive of everyone on the spectrum and fits within the social model of SpLDs (rather than the medical model), which is so important. It is a model of DIFFERENCE (sorry to shout...) rather than a deficit model, that focuses on what we are not great at rather than our strengths - of which there are many... So, why 'dyslexia'? its because many people do not yet recognise the ND terminology / model, so dyslexia is still the most recognised word - and provides entry into the wider picture. Truly, this is not intended in any way to exclude anyone, quite the opposite, and by using specialist language there was a worry that this could be the case - but i'm very open to that discussion (and would love to be proved wrong from the wider community), we started on this debate at the launch of the 2015 symposium... So, wishing us all a very happy neurodiverse world! annie :))

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