Internalized Ableism and The Job Hunt; Or “Why Don’t I Believe It is Better Not to Die?”

yes… a thousand times yes! what do we need in order to slow down? empathetic but running faster and faster… how does that make sense?

Autistic Academic

When I was a kid, becoming the second-wave feminist “Woman Who Has It All” was presented not as an option, but as a requirement.  I had to have a full-time career, maintain my own house, get married (to a dude only), have children, and look good doing it.  Oh, and I had to be the primary breadwinner, too.

Taking the partial package was never presented to me as an option.

I ditched the “have kids” demand pretty early – tocophobia set in right about the time I figured out that when the “where do babies come from?” book talked about fetuses developing inside the uterus, it means that to have a baby, a fetus would have to develop inside my uterus.  No the fuck thank you.

But, of course, refusing to have kids meant I was merely expected to work harder at everything else.  Kids were the one excuse to be…

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