Dyslexia and Me: The Dissertation Experience

The joy of the dissertation (well… not quite)

some of us dyslexic learners (me, anyway – anyone else?) tend to over-read, think about & expect to keep doing so until we are fit to burst, and then further expect to begin writing: perfectly, from word 1 to 20,000 without error, pause or structure…

luckily for me i know useful approaches and strategies – nowadays – which in the past would have saved me from walking around with what felt like a small-planet sized head full of information, ideas (half-formed) and questions until so exhausted i had to almost explode it all onto the page: whatever there was by that stage & usually just before the deadline, having left the writing to the last-minute / last midnight; thus leaving no time for proof-reading, further review and reflection and basically re-arranging the mangled structure – not linear, but tangential, representing my natural way of thinking.

Goodness, some of us make it hard for ourselves – but, then again, if we don’t know we are dyslexic when in school and university, then how do we know to conform to a different way of thinking and doing for academia?

fortunately for me (again… sorry), i can write ok, although now if left unchecked it is more of a stream of consciousness now, rather than the rather stilted prose of yore where ‘form’ was the major issue to master, leaving ideas aside in the demands for conformity on the un-living page… still, both approaches have their merits & issues.

This is a great blog-post from ‘Dyslexia and Me’ sharing some of the trials and successes along the way :))

Dyslexia and Me

My dissertation is complete! Phew! My dissertation is complete! Phew!

Hello again! Thanks for rejoining me in my journey with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome. I’ve finally finished my dissertation and have time once again to blog. Hoorah! But boy was it tough!  

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