We should all be a little more Danish

Those magic words we all long to hear: “Dyslexia is actually respected…” in Denmark. How wonderful… now for the UK :))

When life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic

I came back from Denmark last week and thought I should share my experiences there. It turns out that the Danish education system is at least two or three steps ahead of us with their understanding of dyslexia, and it really is paying off.


Dyslexia is actually respected in Denmark. No one would question its existence or call a dyslexic person stupid – it is dealt with respect and sympathy. For once, no one would attack my need for extra-time or use of laptops in exams! My cousin is a teacher who specialises in dyslexia, because she is fascinated by the dyslexic brain and how important it is that we can properly support those with dyslexia. However, she did also mention that not all teachers have dyslexia training, as like in England, but she is adamant that it should be changed. Just the fact that people can understand dyslexia will make such a…

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