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#53 Ideas in Learning & Teaching – No. 32: Students don’t always learn from experience…

Reflection plus Experience = Experiential Learning??

  • What does Graham Gibbs say?
  • What does that mean?

How can we develop our learners’ critical reflection on, in and before they do something, so they are ‘mindful’, likely to learn from the experience and add that to their tool-kit?

So much more i could write, as spend much of my time trying to do this…

annie :))


Item 31 discussed the general cyclical process that all learners need to go through if they are to make the most of their experience, and learn from it. This item is about differences between learners in how they learn from experience (or do not learn).

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Autism and Processing Grief: Feelings Change

Thirty Days of Autism

This post is a follow-up to  and also a very late response to a comment left there. It was started long ago… but due to some things we are dealing with as a family now… it has become relevant to post…

I know now that H feels things more deeply and intensely than many people seem to do – so I have sometimes wondered if he needs to almost shut down or close off the feelings when they become too much.

I have observed that his feelings can be as strong as, and almost seem like an extension of, his heightened sensory system. When he listens to music – he can hear all the sounds at the same time. When he gets a new Lego set – he opens all of the little bags with the sorted pieces – and spreads all of them on the table. I’ve…

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Ladybugs: Autism, Empathy, and Processing Grief

Thirty Days of Autism

Ladybugs: Autism, Empathy and Processing Grief

As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum and as a teacher I have a difficulty when others report that students with autism/Autistic children lack empathy. I try to correct this faulty judgment when I have the opportunity to do so, by explaining that there really is not lack of empathy, nor any absence of the ability to feel this. There may however be a different way of processing or expressing the feeling, and also a challenge with understanding the perspective and therefore the experience of others. This is fundamentally different from the judgment that an individual lacks the capacity for empathy.

My son H has recently begun to process grief. It hit him hard at age 10 when his Tutor and Caregiver Roberta’s dog was sick and dying. It hit him all at once. He did not seem…

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Yours, Mine and Ours: autism, self-advocacy, and setting limits

Setting Boundaries… always a great idea in theory, but how to make them fair, consistent, workable and person-centred in practice?

Thirty Days of Autism

I have been thinking about limits: the edges of ourselves… that place where we interface with the world. Our limits and where we set them are the control valves for our emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and sensory experience. These boundaries are the meeting place between ourselves, others, and the world around us, and they deserve our mindful attention.

I have been told I am patient with my child and with my students… that is because I use strategies to support them before I am at my limit. Let me explain…

As a parent I have often considered that with my own children it is important for me to set my limits, the place I draw the metaphorical line at a place different from, separate, and well before, my level of frustration. If the limits we convey to others are at the same place as the end of our level of…

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What’s Wrong With Autism Speaks?

Emma's Hope Book

When my daughter was diagnosed, we heard about Autism Speaks.  Their message supported everything else we were reading and hearing about autism, so I didn’t spend much time thinking about what they were saying or who they were involved with or even what they were doing with all the money they received.  In fact, we gave money to them during those early years.  When friends and family asked who they should donate money to, I encouraged them to give to Autism Speaks.

“Autism Speaks has a long and continued pattern of exclusion of Autistic voices from its work on autism. As an organization without a single Autistic person on its board of directors, Autism Speaks is the last group our nation’s leaders should be entrusting with the creation of a “national plan to address autism”. ~ ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

“No reasonable person would dare suggest that an organization…

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This is where Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD and 2e Twice Exceptional really shows their faces.

Happy Autism Day 2015! Congratulations, too, to Jim McCarthy, artist :))


‘What amazing few days! I awoke this morning to find-out one of my paintings was chosen as Banner of the day on New Artwork, which has been a real surprise. I’m just about to hit 6000 views on my wordpress website, which we set up for a college module exam. Sold two pieces of work in the Lavit Gallery, before they were even Hung on the walls. Agreed to licence the use of one of my educational pieces from my Holistic collection to a educational charity in Australia. And now have to face researching my essay and the long hours of piecing it together. This is where Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD and 2e Twice Exceptional really shows their faces. You can create and achieve great works, see concepts in your mind in 2D and 3D. Look at ideas Holistically, flipping and turning them to visualise every angle and contour in your mind…

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