LadyHawke I love you: on the search for a heroine

the cartoon sums it up – for some of us, anyway :))

Dirty, Naked & Happy

I am regularly on the look out for autism and Aspergers heroes and more importantly heroines to share with my daughter (when she’s interested!) as role models that demonstrate she is just as capable of achieving whatever dream she chooses as the next person.

Temple Grandin is the most obvious ‘poster girl’ for autism but whilst she inspires me incredibly, she’s not exactly a 7 year old’s dream.  To be very candid, my daughter remains unconvinced that she is a lady.

I’m not being a troll, just sharing an honest response from a kid.  Be shocked if you like, it’s not very politically correct, but I believe Temple herself would understand the very black and white thinking.

…and then of course there’s Susan Boyle.

I am hoping no one will try to start a debate on that with me.

I’m not looking for a girly girl, we’re not “Do you wanna…

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