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#53 ideas – No. 25: Fear and anxiety are the enemies of learning

anxiety and learning?

what happens when we add dyslexia / other SpLDs into the mix?


An earlier item focussed on excessively large curricula and their consequences. One of the effects of students perceiving that there is simply too much stuff is that they drop down from a deep approach to a surface approach – settling for memorising so that there is at least some solid ground and some sense of making progress. This drop in the qualitative level of processing of information can be induced experimentally simply by threatening students with a test with unpredictable test questions.

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Maths resources for all

whether you have maths ‘anxiety’ (me…) or dyscalculia, it can be painful trying to make meaning out of some of the abstract concepts which i would say is much of maths (arithmetic aside).  Or am I just talking for myself?  Not from experience of working with so many fellow neurodiverse learners… in some of us the very mention of the subject can produce shudders – the emotional response to years of being told off for not paying attention, trying / listening hard enough and so on, the feeling of failure and inadequacy in ourselves when in fact it was often the way the subject was taught: how on earth were we able to ‘make meaning’ when taught in a linear, non-relational mode?

Sorry, rant over… (but how could they do it to us all?)

there are luckily a number ef excellent specialists and academics who are maths experts – such as Steve Chinn and Clare Trott in the UK, both of whom have published widely for learners with SpLDs

a useful video, by steve chinn, follows:

Teaching Maths to Dyslexic Learners video at:

He uses animations, visuals and simple patterns to address issues such as maths facts, arithmetics, multiplication and division and more complex topics such as algebra…

If you have trouble with audio try this site:

Also, posted by Dyslexic Advantage, is this resource:

hope these are helpful…any other useful resources?