An Open Letter to the Guardian

An Ex-academic follower of fashion

2014-04-03 13.45.21

Dear Guardian,

I like you. I do. You are a publication beloved by students. I enjoy the handy news-comic that you include, your crossword is quite good and I am a big fan of Ruby from the Bake-Off. Perhaps it’s because I like you that I’m not angry about your recent coverage of students and mental health. I’m disappointed.

You started out well enough talking about the culture of acceptance that surrounds mental health issues in academia. I would argue that rather than a culture of acceptance, there is a culture of silence. Many of those who experience mental health issues choose not to disclose them because they are afraid of the reaction they might face. I believe that this is a legitimate fear and that many of those who do take the brave step of talking about their mental health are not given the support and understand they deserve. Nevertheless…

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