Esther Freud successful novelist is dyslexic

Just seen a fairly old article on the hugely successful novelist Esther Freud. Although the headline proclaimed her as lucien freud’s daughter she has carved out a wonderful career as a writer, including her first, in 1992, Hideous Kinky…which became a Kate Winslet film about her mother’s hippy adventures with her two daughters.

Anyway, the main thing which grabbed me is the fact that Esther is dyslexic and a (good) Famous writer.

Interestingly to me anyway, I gleaned that education was the key to her real learning development: it was by attending a progressive, non-pushy school (middle-class parents may be gnashing their teeth at this…sorry).

So, is there a link between educational experiences and being a successful human being? I could literally scream’Yes, of course’ to anyone not convinced. to me it seems obvious from a lived experience as a neurodiverse person alone – apart from the research on child development and on splds

This is clearly my own opinion above, but it’s set me off thinking yet again about what type of educational approaches support the child and adult’s well-being, excitement for and enhanced abilities and conditions for learning and true success…all comments and ideas welcome please :))


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