What’s the Best Thing about Being Dyslexic? (Annie)

What’s the Best Thing about Being Dyslexic?

Video 3

Is that a question you are used to hearing?

Me, neither!

That’s why I asked a number of trainee specialist dyslexia tutors on the PGCert Teaching Adult Learners with Dyslexia / SpLDs in Further & Higher Education course (who are themselves neurodiverse) just that question…

As their course leader, it seemed only fair that I did the same, so here is the link to my video, filmed April 2014:


If YOU want to submit a short video for this site and / or for the Festival of Dyslexic Culture (which was subsequently held at LondonMet in November 2014) then just send it in to me.

Thank you.

Happy viewing, happy positive thinking!


3 thoughts on “What’s the Best Thing about Being Dyslexic? (Annie)

    1. Thanks! I really want everyone to be defined by what they CAN do – and not labelled by the low-level skills that many people who are neurodiverse find difficult – especially as so many of us (without generalising too much) are good at higher-order skills of problem-solving, being strategic and some are v creative: not surprising, really, that we develop these skills in trying to make meaning throughout our lives…

      if we are open and embrace who we are that seems to me the best way forward: it takes a lot to get to that point, i know – its hard.

      i am acknowledging who i am, embracing difference in me and others and seeking to remove disadvantage, old prejudices and work with learners to build on their very real strengths and achievements to achieve personal success.

      Sorry a long reply :))

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